Who and what are angels?? Oh, so glad you asked! Friends, I’m kicking off something new today that I hope you love. I get so many questions about the angels, I’ve decided to answer some of the most common ones with bite-sized answers on Instagram and Facebook — and post them here so the answers are easy for all to find at any time. So! Introducing…



FAQ with LIV: Frequent ANGEL Questions!



I’m no expert, but I have been chatting with these winged wonders all of my life — so I will use FAQ with LIV to periodically share what I’ve learned that may help you, too. Simply scroll through the images below for easy-to-digest answers to complex questions on these amazing beings.


So, who and what are angels anyway??? Great question! You can see the original social media post here or read the text of it below. ✨✨✨




Defining who and what the angels are is a challenge mystics, artists, and religious leaders have wrestled with for centuries. Without concrete answers, we attempt to make sense of, give shape to, and humanize the infinite army of benevolent beings whose existence defies our limited comprehension of the universe.


Many things the angels have told me over the years about their work line up with explanations and insights others have shared over time, across cultures and in various religious texts. Most importantly, these pure light beings are messengers sent by our Creator to comfort, heal, love, protect and guide us.


The angels love to perform real-life magic tricks for us. They are able to shape-shift, transform situations and create miracles, as long as the ripple effects of those changes do not drastically alter the course of your life or others’ lives, nor the things your soul chose to experience and learn in this life.


Angels can temporarily appear to us in the form of a human or animal messenger, but have typically not lived earthly lives themselves. They are eager, though, to help us make the most of ours.

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