Guess what!? The angels have a new trick up their sleeves! I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised whenever they bring forward a new project like this; they’re always looking for ways to reach and inspire you. And yet, I’m always a little taken aback that they have such specific plans for us. 🙂 I think you’ll love the simplicity of this one, so let’s begin!

This is going to be simple and sweet, but super powerful. The angels would like for us all to focus on ONE WORD they provide each day (I’ll post them most mornings on Instagram, so follow me there to follow along). The angels say we will create “a healing, omnipotent energy” for ourselves and the world by collectively focusing on and applying the same carefully-chosen word to our lives each day.

Our first word is BEGIN. Not only does this apply to starting this project, but the angels ask that you reflect on what you are ready to begin in your own life. This new practice? A fresh perspective? A project you’ve been avoiding? A plan to change things for the better? Whatever it is, today is a good day to BEGIN. And we can all do it together, in our own ways. How and what will you begin today?

NOTE! Want to stay accountable & build community around this practice? I invite you to share how you’re applying each angel word to your day, or how their word has helped you approach a situation. You can post and include the hashtag #awordwiththeangels so we can all see and celebrate you. See you on Instagram!

Simple. Sweet. Powerful. Thank you, angels!!



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