If you imagine Heaven as a big corporation full of angels, think of the archangels as the vice presidents, overseeing certain divisions. They have direct access to the Big Cheese, have amazing gifts and foresight, and can assign team members to handle various situations.

 There are different theories on how many archangels exist, but it’s commonly believed that there are four to seven primary archangels who serve humanity, including Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel. Even though they’re super powerful, feel free to call them by their first names when you need some extra assistance. 🙂


The archangels are very powerful and can make amazing things happen in an instant. They use their divine abilities and oversight to ensure all angelic interventions align with and complement God’s plans in the universe and in your life. That is key — because even though they can practically move mountains, doing so would create a gigantic ripple effect on Earth, right? The same might be true for a request you make; so if you feel like the magic you’re requesting isn’t showing up, it’s likely because of the ripples it would create in your corner of the world — but that doesn’t mean the archangels aren’t assigning members of their angel teams to look for other ways to assist you.

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