When our loved ones pass away, do they become our guardian angels?
Let’s explore that in today’s edition of…


FAQ: Frequent Angel Questions!

Angel Grandma | Photo by Eduardo Barrios

When you lose someone you love (like a mom or grandma, you might think of them as your guardian angel, watching over you from above.

But do your loved ones actually become angels? 

The souls of our loved ones don’t sprout wings and inherit superpowers when they transition from here to there. They need time to adjust, reunite with others in spirit, review their earthly lives and soul’s purpose, and learn how to watch over us and send signs from above.

Think of them as “Spirit Angels” who watch over you and want the best for you.

But they don’t have the same power or “pull” as true angels, who possess divine wisdom and abilities, have not typically lived an earthly life, and solely exist to be a bridge between human beings and God.


So yes! Your grandma (or whomever you’re missing) is like your very own Spirit Angel, adoring and helping you from the Great Beyond, while God’s heavenly angels do the heavy lifting.


All of that adds up to this: you’re constantly surrounded by love. 




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