Do you have a guardian angel? You betcha! So, then, what do they do all day? Good question! I get so many questions about the angels, I recently started exploring some of the most common ones with bite-sized answers on Instagram and Facebook — and I post them here so the answers are easy for all to find at any time. So, let’s dig into the latest edition of…


FAQ with LIV: Frequent ANGEL Questions!

We all have guardian angels assigned to watch over us. It’s like having an amazing “bonus parent” waiting in the wings, adoring you as you grow, giving you space to do your own thing, and hoping to gently steer you away from danger and difficulty.


Some people have one guardian angel, some have two or three. It’s not necessary to know their names, what they look like or why they’re assigned to you. Just know that they are happy for the chance to be by your side and thrilled whenever you actually notice!


One of your guardian angels’ jobs is to keep you safe; guiding and protecting you from leaving the earth before it’s your time. That said, they can’t prevent every tragedy or natural disaster, but they can try to nudge you out of harm’s way. We all have free will.

So, trust your gut whenever something feels off. It may be your angels steering you to safety.


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