Liv (pronounced leev), in her dudio — the dining room she transformed into her studio over a decade ago.


About Liv Lane

follow my Yellow brick road


In fifth grade, I got to play the part of Dorothy in my elementary school’s performance of The Wizard of Oz. It’s a highlight of my childhood, in part because I had always felt like I was Dorothy.

I, too, was a Midwestern girl surrounded by magic, who didn’t fully understand her own power & gifts but could see inside people and name theirs. There were no talking lions or tin men — but I saw spirits, talked with angels, and felt energy all around me. I figured everyone experienced the same things, until it became abundantly clear they did not.

My parents were always curious and supportive; they called me their rainbow girl. But by the time I was 9 or 10, I knew that most people either doubted or feared my abilities. I didn’t want to be weird; I wanted to fit in. So I started hiding my connection to the Great Beyond. I didn’t tell friends I could see dead relatives around them. I didn’t tell neighbors I could feel their sadness from across the street. I didn’t tell my grandpa there was something wrong in his torso, and felt so guilty when he was diagnosed with lung cancer months later.

The older I got, the harder I tried to shut out those experiences, focusing my energy instead on building a successful communications career and starting a family. All was going well until everything fell apart; a traumatic birth with my firstborn turned me inside out. While he recovered miraculously, I tumbled into darkness. I toyed with leaving the planet, but help came just in time: a family intervention, a brilliant therapist, important medicine, and a diagnosis of postpartum depression and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). As I slowly healed my head and heart, those intuitive, inexplicable insights and ethereal presences came rushing back, too strong to ignore or hide anymore.

I now believe that downward spiral was a divinely orchestrated attempt to wake me up, lead me back to myself and reveal a new path to fulfill my calling. Thank God it worked.


For many years, my work centered around providing spirited guidance to clients via individual readings, group workshops and a book called Infinite Purpose. In 2017, that work began to shift when, much to my surprise, the angels pleaded with me to start painting with them. Following their precise instructions, I began creating ethereal, abstract watercolor paintings and they’d deliver a corresponding message at the completion of each one. 

I’m so grateful for this creative collaboration with the angels, not only because the art speaks to so many, but because it helped save me. After being diagnosed in 2018 with a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer, the angels stood by as I faced grueling treatments and complications, holding my hand and helping me paint when I could. I could no longer conduct client sessions, but could paint now and then; making a beautiful mess with the angels was (and still is) such good medicine for me.

Today, I am thrilled to be in remission (more details here), adapting to a new normal under the watchful eyes of my doctors and angels, and painting into being a bright, beautiful future. My yellow brick road has taken me to places I never expected, but the twists and turns have shown me what I’m made of and how precious and perfect this life is. I pray your path is revealing the same for you.