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Once upon a time, I was a little girl surrounded by magic. I saw spirits, talked with angels, and felt energy all around me. I figured everyone experienced the same things — until it became abundantly clear they did not.

My parents were always curious and supportive; they called me their rainbow girl. But by the time I was 9 or 10, I knew that most people either doubted or feared my abilities. I didn’t want to be weird; I wanted to fit in. So I started hiding my connection to the Great Beyond. I didn’t tell friends I could see dead relatives around them. I didn’t tell neighbors I could feel their sadness from across the street. I didn’t tell my grandpa there was something wrong in his stomach, and felt so guilty when he was diagnosed with lung cancer months later.

The older I got, the harder I tried to shut out those experiences, focusing my energy instead on building a successful communications career and starting a family. All was going well until everything fell apart; a traumatic birth with my firstborn turned me inside out. While he recovered miraculously, I tumbled into darkness. I toyed with leaving the planet, but help came just in time: a family intervention, a brilliant therapist, and a diagnosis of postpartum depression and post traumatic stress disorder. As I slowly healed my head and heart, those intuitive, inexplicable insights and ethereal presences came rushing back, too strong to ignore or hide anymore.

I now believe that downward spiral was a divinely orchestrated attempt to wake me up, lead me back to myself and reveal a new path to fulfill my calling. Thank God it worked. Today, I feel so honored and humbled by the work I get to do, partnering with Spirit to intuitively and creatively help women heal what holds them back, elevate their own innate gifts, and pave a path to their brightest futures.

Much of that work I love has been put on hold since being diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2018. I am confident I’ll be back at it one day, but for now you can follow my journey via Facebook and Instagram — and join me for The Infusion Center in early 2019! 

Liv (pronounced leev), at 3 years old. Scroll down for bio + media samples.

Official Bio

Liv Lane is an intuitive adviser, author and artist devoted to helping women leap into their bright futures with clarity and confidence. She blends her clairvoyance, creativity and business acumen to advise and inspire women seeking to elevate their personal and professional happiness.

For nearly two decades, Liv built a successful communications career in broadcasting and public relations, quietly leveraging her lifelong intuitive abilities to guide her decisions. But, feeling called to a deeper mission creatively and spiritually, she leaped off the corporate ladder in 2007 to consult Fortune 500 companies while fine-tuning her intuitive gifts. Today, Liv conducts powerful one-on-one sessions with women seeking insight and guidance for their paths, paints inspired works of art, and teaches popular self-growth ecourses and workshops. She is author of Infinite Purpose: Care Instructions for Your True Calling with artist Lori Portka.

As an impassioned advocate for children and mother to a child on the autism spectrum, Liv has long been involved as a consultant, board member, volunteer and speaker for nonprofit organizations dedicated to helping kids and families thrive. Liv lives near Minneapolis with her husband, two sons, one rescue pup and an army of angels.


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Media Contact: Lisa Braun Dubbels | Email:  lisa@catalystpublicity.com | Phone: 612-806-4455

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