All About The Angels

ARC Lesson: Who Are The Angels?

After a lifetime of chatting with the angels, Liv Lane loves being able to share their light through the art & writings they collaborate on — including the free overview below.

Who Are The Angels?

When you think about angels, what do you imagine? What do you think they look like? Do they have golden halos and big white wings? Are they rosy-cheeked cherubs? Do they have a skin tone? Are they clothed? Are they more like humans or animals or inanimate beings?


These are questions artists, seekers and spiritual leaders have wrestled with for centuries. Without concrete answers, we continue to attempt to make sense of, give shape to, and humanize this infinite army of benevolent beings. We will never know or agree on every little detail; we’re human, after all.


But here are four things I think we can agree on, based on centuries of stories and teachings — and what I’ve been told directly by the angels I’ve known all my life.


They’re like God’s gophers. The angels are messengers of God, sent to comfort, heal, love, and move some things around if need be – especially if we ask nicely. 😊


As my teen sons might say, the angels are lit. Like, really. The angels are made of pure bright light, and absolutely delight in their role as protectors and guides — even if it seems like the humans they’re protecting and guiding aren’t listening!


They’re miracle workers. The angels are able to shape-shift, transform situations and create miracles as long as the ripple effects of that change do not drastically alter the course of your life or others’ lives and the things your soul chose to experience and learn here.


They’re not at home here — but they’re at home with you. Angels can temporarily appear to us in the form of a human or animal messenger. They can watch over us day and night without us even noticing. And they know the inner workings of humanity after caring for us for centuries. Even so, they’re not at home on Earth; angels are heavenly light beings who have typically not lived an earthly life themselves.


That last part might be a surprise for those who’ve assumed that their dearly departed friends or family became their guardian angels when they left this life. The truth is, the souls of our loved ones don’t sprout wings and inherit superpowers when they transition from here to there. They need time to adjust, reunite with others in spirit, review their earthly lives and soul’s purpose, and learn how to watch over us and send signs from above. I like to think of my loved ones who’ve crossed over as “Spirit Angels.” They still watch over us and want the best for us — but they don’t have the same power or “pull” as true angels, who possess divine wisdom and abilities, and solely exist to be a bridge between human beings and God.


In the other free starter guides in The ARC (What Do Angels Look Like and How To Ask The Angels for Help), you’ll dive much deeper into  how the angels have shown up in religion and art across thousands of years (the common threads give me goosebumps!) and get an introduction on how best to start leaning on your angels for assistance and guidance. I hope you love what you discover! 


There is still so much we don’t know about these winged wonders — but I truly believe what we do know about how to connect with them, lean on them, trust in them, and feel loved by them is powerful enough to move mountains. If you’re ready to really expand your knowledge and uplevel your life with angel light, I’d love to help you do that through the guides, meditations, art and video tutorials in The ARC.


I truly believe your angels led you here, and I’m sooo happy you followed that nudge. 


Your angels are with you whether you acknowledge them or not. But when you know how to recognize their signals, interpret their messages and lean on them for specific help, it can be life-changing.