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ARC Lesson: How To Ask The Angels For Help

After a lifetime of chatting with the angels, Liv Lane loves being able to share their light through the art & writings they collaborate on — including this free guide.

How To Ask The Angels For Help

The angels depend on us to ask for what we need. Can they swoop in to help someone in an emergency? You bet. Do they love to occasionally surprise us with unexpected magic tricks? Absolutely. But the angels’ job is not to fix everything and step in to control outcomes in our lives. Rather, they exist to provide comfort when we feel broken, guide us when we’re lost, inspire us to be the best version of ourselves, let us learn from our own choices, and be ready to swoop in should we ever ask for help.


Even if you haven’t been fully aware of them, your angels have been with you all along — loving you fiercely despite not being acknowledged or heard. That’s some seriously unconditional love! Want to love them right back? Show them you’re aware they’re with you. You do not need to physically see or hear them to deepen your relationship. There are many ways to connect with them (more on that is available to members of The ARC) — but you can start by simply asking for help.


When we ask the angels for specific assistance, they coordinate with God and the universe at the speed of light if it is meant to be. You can speak out loud to them, you can whisper under your breath, you can talk to them in your head (much like a quiet prayer), you can even write letters to them. Be yourself, and be completely transparent (they know everything anyway, love). And consider these tips as you talk with them:


  • Address them however you want to. You can simply say “Hi, Angels!” You can nickname your troupe of helpers. You can even give them individual names if that puts you more at ease. If you’re calling on them, they’ll know it; how you do it is only about making you as comfortable as possible.


  • Start with gratitude. The angels don’t need or require your gratitude, but stepping into the vibration of appreciation shifts you up and out of the heavy, darker energies of desperation, worry and doubt. It’s pretty difficult to be grateful and fearful at the very same moment. So just begin by thanking them for being with you; you can also thank God for assigning them to you and allowing them to assist you, and express thanks for anything you feel grateful for.


  • Know what you’re asking for. You don’t have to explain yourself but try to be specific with your requests. If you’re worried about how you’ll pay your mortgage this month, don’t just generically ask for greater abundance. You can inform them you’d love to be presented with opportunities for creating long-term financial stability, but that your immediate concern is covering certain bills. It’s powerful and important to acknowledge what you need most. It helps them get to work and it helps you prioritize your own actions and clarify your intentions.


  • Grant them some wiggle room to help everybody. As you’re asking for assistance, acknowledge that you are not only focused on yourself but  aware of the importance that their work delivers the “highest good for all involved.” This reminds you and informs them that though your request may be specific, you also understand that their job is to help create the best outcome for you and everyone impacted by it. For instance, you might ask for a new job to appear tomorrow, but what if coordinating the truly right situation for you – and those displaced by you or soon to work with you — requires more time? You’d prefer that everything be arranged in a way that ultimately has the potential to benefit everyone, even if it requires waiting longer, right? It’s helpful to acknowledge that you know the angels will make sure their response to your request honors the inner workings of the universe and the well-being of everyone it might impact, even if if the details look different than what you specifically imagined.


  • End with gratitude. End on a high note, so to speak – by thanking them again for listening, for loving you, for doing everything they can to honor your wishes. Gratitude sets the tone within you so that you can move forward feeling that positive vibration buzzing through you. It’s easier to keep the faith when you’re coming from a place of thankfulness.


  • Do your part. The angels exist to work with you, not just for you. Asking for their help doesn’t release you from the responsibilities of daily life or the reasons you’re here. If you ask the angels for abundance, keep your mind and heart open to notice their magic as you’re actively seeking out new opportunities. If you ask them to help a meeting or event to go well, you then manage whatever details you can while trusting they are with you, working behind the scenes. If you ask for healing, you still seek out care providers and interventions that feel right to you, and initiate conversations with your doctors that can bring you peace of mind.


What happens next?


Sometimes you’ll see evidence of the angels at work so clearly and swiftly, it feels absolutely magical! Other times, you’ll wonder if certain “coincidences” were actually their handiwork (frequently, yes!).


But sometimes, when the response isn’t obvious, you might start wondering and worrying about when and how and where the angels will deliver an answer — or even doubting their existence. This is counterproductive, so try to release yourself from this spiral as soon as you notice it. In your own life, you don’t work well with someone asking you constantly when you’ll be done, right? You can’t automatically grant a loved one’s request if you know doing so could hurt someone else, right? The angels hear every request you make; trust that they are doing the very best they can within the parameters of God’s plan and the massive orchestration of all the moving parts in the universe, to help you in ways that shift you out of worry and bless everyone involved.


Now, sometimes the challenges we face are complicated, deep-rooted and systemic. Have patience and notice every small shift, every glimpse of healing, every step forward. Know, also, that if God and the angels fixed everything with a magic wand every time something felt wrong, it would kind of negate the point of this grand human experiment. How would we ever learn to advocate for ourselves and others, trust our intuition, quiet our egos, discover our resilience or live with purpose? Why would we ever be motivated to find the light within and develop the courage to let it shine? How would we become the change we wish to see in the world and in our lives if the angels just did it for us? The good news is that they believe in us so mightily, they have no doubt that we can rise up to fulfill our potential individually and collectively.


One last thing that’s important to note. Suspecting the Powers That Be cause hardship to “teach us a lesson” is very different than recognizing we can learn from every challenge we face. Everything does not “happen for a reason;” life on Earth is complex and messy and sometimes things just suck. Destruction may be caused by natural disasters, illness and impairments can be the random result of chemical or neurological imbalances, and senseless tragedies can be caused by human error. None of that is on purpose. None of it is deserved.


Complicating matters even more is the fact that human beings have free will, which can feel like a blessing and a curse some days. It gives us the freedom to follow our hearts and pave our own paths, but it also gives us the power to wreak havoc if we choose — in workplaces, in families, in communities. Every second of every day, in every corner of the world, there are people being kind and there are people being cruel. Those actions — our actions — ripple out into the universe and can impact people in our lives and people we don’t even know.


As powerful as the angels are, as much as they try to intervene and inspire us, they cannot change our minds. Only we can do that. The angels are continually trying to guide us on the tightrope of life, arranging for mentors and experiences and flashes of serendipity that might inspire us to keep our hearts open while mindfully setting boundaries, to trust our spirits but not our egos, to serve others as we serve ourselves.


When you don’t know what to ask for, when you’re at a loss for what to do, consider asking God and the angels to simply use you in the best possible ways. Below is a simple daily prayer I’ve recited countless times in my life and I thought you might also like to adopt (an 8×11 printable is available to members of The ARC).


I hope that as you develop your own practice of requesting assistance from the angels, you feel lifted by their presence and gifted with their wisdom. Just remember: they love you so much, they’ll do everything within their power to answer when you call. 



Your angels are with you whether you acknowledge them or not. But when you know how to recognize their signals, interpret their messages and lean on them for specific help, it can be life-changing.