I have been blessed to be able to see and talk to angels since I was a little girl. But I never imagined one day I’d wind up painting with the angels!

In the summer of 2017, I was shocked when the angels woke me up one morning and insisted I start painting with them. Paint what? I wondered. And how? The angels suggested watercolors, which I had never used. But I found a set of my kids’ old paints and followed along as the angels instructed me on every brushstroke and color. I couldn’t believe what was showing up, and was so moved by the messages they’d provide upon the completion of each painting. I am still awed and humbled by it all.

I feel so incredibly honored to bring this art through on their behalf to offer healing and insight to our weary world.

My first gallery show of original art — ONE — took place in August 2018 in Minneapolis, commemorating my first year of Painting With The Angels and it was magical! A few weeks later, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and have been in treatment since; whenever I have the energy and focus to paint, I do! It is my hope that I’ll be able to make the art available for purchase again in mid- to late-2019.

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Below are examples of Liv Lane’s original artwork. To access the message delivered by the angels for each featured piece, simply click on the artwork to view a social media post from the day it was released. Inquiries about Liv’s art can be sent to

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