I have been blessed to be able to see and talk to angels since I was a little girl. But I never imagined one day I’d wind up painting with them.

In the summer of 2017, I was shocked when the angels woke me up one morning and insisted I start painting with them. Paint what? I wondered. And how? Though I’d been listening to their whispers for years and sharing them in various ways — from greeting cards to a book — they had never specifically asked me to create art with them, much less with watercolors, which I had never used. But I found a set of my kids’ old paints and followed along as the angels instructed me on every brushstroke and color. I couldn’t believe what was showing up, and was so moved by the messages they’d provide upon the completion of each painting. I am in awe of and humbled by it to this day.  



artist statement

My ethereal watercolor paintings, line drawings and transcendent writings are the result of my complete trust in a wildly intuitive process during which I become the conduit for the visions and messages asking to come through. The angels swoop in with instructions, so I paint. Images flash before me, so I draw. The words echo inside my head, so I write.

I take heart in knowing I am not alone; some of humankind’s most acclaimed and disciplined artists – from Leonardo Da Vinci to Agnes Martin – were visionary mystics who used paint brushes to peel back the veil between here and there.

These trailblazers remind me that while my process may be unconventional, it is certainly not unique; so many of us were meant to deliver good news, great hope, and deep truths with whatever gifts we’ve been given.

It is my true honor to make visible the loving kindness of the universe, the whirring energy of the cosmos and the guidance sent from somewhere over the rainbow, meant to calm and comfort our weary world.


— Liv Lane


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