The House Where I Lost Myself

The House Where I Lost Myself

This is the house where I lost myself. Eighteen years ago, that little bungalow felt palatial to us, and Brad and I were thrilled to put our stamp on our first real home. It would become the house where we'd start a family, and we were so excited to meet...

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Justin Bieber is an empath. Are you one, too?

Today, Justin Bieber announced that he's canceling all future meet-and-greet sessions with fans because of how much they drain his energy, to the point of depression. While I'm sure some people are questioning or scoffing at this announcement, it all makes perfect...

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3 Simple Steps for Finding & Maximizing My Word of the Year

Happy 2016! At the start of each new year, I love the idea of selecting one meaningful, motivating word to serve as a personal guide for the next 12 months. And I have three simple steps to do it. STEP 1: Choose it wisely. To choose my word each year, I first imagine...

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Hello from the Other Side

My Nana called on Sunday...from the Other Side. Last week, we found her old cell phone in the bottom of a drawer. At age 90, she passed away in the fall of 2014, so the phone obviously no longer has service. But my seven-year-old, Truman, didn't care; he wanted to...

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Hello, Love!

I'm Liv (sounds like LEEV). So happy you're here!

Back in 2006, this blog started with a rainbow -- just like so many big moments in my life have -- and an invitation to document magic and beauty: photograph it, write about it, choose to see it. So I did, and my whole world changed.

To learn how this blog came to be, click here.To learn more about me, click here.

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