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Care Instructions for Your True Calling


In a spirited swirl of creative magic, my dear friend Lori Portka and I made a dream come true with the publication of Infinite Purpose.

We never expected to work together, especially not like this. But in the fall of 2014, Spirit swooped in to deliver profound messages through me, inspired art through Lori, and specific instructions (yes, really!) for sharing them with the world. Holy wow. We couldn’t quite believe it; we were humbled by it, honored by it…and nervous to reveal it. Over 250 people signed up to receive the initial messages and we were stunned to hear from so many about the life-changing impact Spirit’s words had on them. Within months, it was clear that those messages were meant to be shared with a wider audience — as a book that felt like a treasure.

When a literary agent told us it was the most unique and deeply-needed book she’d seen in a long time, we rejoiced. And when she said that no publisher would take on the financial risk of birthing a book so different and expensive to produce, we knew she was right. “You will have to publish it yourselves,” she said, “and tell everyone you know to tell everyone they know that this is magic.”

From the get-go, the support for this little dream was overwhelming. The crowdfunding campaign we launched that fall was one of the most successful ever in the self-publishing industry. Again, holy wow!  And today, we continue to be amazed by the ways it is reaching new people ready to pave new paths.

“Liv + Lori are a sacred powerhouse, speaking the words of the angels. I heartily recommend this book to every woman longing to return home to their soul.”

Leonie Dawson

Best-selling author + creator of The Amazing Life + Biz Academy,