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Dear Bright Lights,

Usually this time of year, our friend Liv is getting ready to launch a new edition of Project Light Year, her annual online class dedicated to personal and spiritual growth. And so many of us would be eagerly awaiting the details about this year’s theme, looking forward to the beautiful love and connection with kindreds that flow through all of her offerings.

This year is a little different. As you likely know, Liv was diagnosed in September 2018 with an aggressive form of breast cancer. As she continues to dedicate her energy and time to treatment and healing, she’s had to set aside most of the work she loves.

But we just couldn’t let this year begin without some Project Light Year magic — or without lifting up this dear friend and mentor! When we approached Liv about collaborating to create a jam-packed, six-week edition to carry on the light of this course and benefit her financially, Liv called it an “answered prayer.” Music to our ears!! In recent weeks, she has been involved in its development when able, and has aptly named this endeavor The Infusion Center: Potent Doses of Magic & Courage from a Powerful Circle of Conscious Creators. 

Liv tells us she’s thrilled that everyone will receive goodness from this project. While 100% of the proceeds will benefit her and her family, she wants every participant to feel loved and infused with light through whatever changes, challenges and life questions you’re facing right now. So, know that when you register, you are participating in a vibrant cycle of giving and receiving. Your energy and investment will be part of a beautiful quilt of love we are weaving for Liv and all who join us. Already, we are in awe of the magic unfolding in class — so many aha moments and meaningful connections. Hope you’ll join us, too. 

With Love,

Liv’s Co-Conspirators of Light


As Liv continues what she calls her “liquid gold” chemo treatments at an actual infusion center, we’ll be gathering in an infusion center of another kind — an online classroom designed to infuse light and love into the changes, challenges or life questions you’re facing. 

The Infusion Center launched on 1/21, but it’s easy to dive in + catch up. New kindreds are joining every day!

Each week, we explore a new theme (some of Liv’s favorite topics!): 

  1. Navigating Through Change
  2. The Hardest Parts of Living in the Light 
  3. Surrendering To The Wild Unknown 
  4. Calling All Angels 
  5. Sourcing Your Superpowers
  6. Opening To Magic (Get Ready To Be Awed!) 

Each day, we explore these themes in-depth with the following content: 

  • in-depth audio interviews with incredible mentors 
  • LIVE calls with special guest co-hosts (all recorded if you can’t join us live)
  • free downloadable fine art and insights gifted to us by amazing visual artists
  • inspiring writings from Liv and others 
  • a private Facebook group and exclusive online classroom 



Class Moderator 

Laurel Bleadon-Maffei of Illuminating Souls will lovingly guide the class and conduct weekly LIVE calls with special guests sure to inspire. 


Class Interviewer

Andrea Scher of Superhero Life will conduct weekly, in-depth conversations with mentors in personal growth and empowerment. 


Class Curator

Michael Nelson, arts advocate + educator, will curate art from gifted creatives and manage our private Facebook group.


Happiness Manager

Jill Redmond, Liv’s beloved assistant, will keep things running smoothly behind the scenes. Questions? Email her here. 



Spirit Lifter

Liv Lane will participate when able, providing inspiring insights on our weekly themes and taking part in a special live call.

…and an incredible circle of contributors!

(click their photos to visit their web sites)

Aimee Dolich

Mixed Media Artist, Artsyville

Dory Cote

Shamanic Practitioner

Lori Portka

Artist, Happiness Through Art

Sheila Asato

Founder, Monkey Bridge Arts 

Andrea Schroeder

Life + Creativity Coach

Joan Steffend

TV Personality, Author + Speaker

Mati Rose McDonough

Artist + Art Teacher

Susannah Conway

Author, Photographer + Teacher

Anna Grace Taylor

Angel Therapist, Spiritual Mentor

Kelly Rae Roberts

Artist, Author + Possibilitarian

Pilar Gerasimo

Healthy Deviant + Journalist

Susie Lubell

Ketubah + Abstract Artist

Carla Vernon

President, Annie’s® Homegrown 

Leonie Dawson

Best-selling Author + Coach

Sarah Rudell Beach

Mindfulness Teacher + Author

Rachel Awes

Psychologist, Artist + Author

Class Fee: $97*

100% of proceeds go directly to Liv

Liv wanted to make this class affordable and accessible.

We want to ensure it raises enough to sustain her in the coming months.

So, the fee to join this six-week experience is just $97 — but you can also LOVE UP your payment by increasing the amount if you choose. To sign up either way, simply click the ADD TO CART button below. If you would like to increase your donation, you’ll be able to type in the dollar amount you wish to provide.

* Please note: After registering, an email with further details will be sent to the address you provide. Payments are non-refundable unless a purchase has been made in error before class begins on January 21, 2019. All revenue will benefit Liv Lane and family; but because you are purchasing a course, this is not considered a tax-deductible donation. Questions may be sent to Jill at

A Note from Liv

Right now, I am smack in the middle of one of the greatest challenges of my life. In the few months since I was diagnosed with breast cancer, life as I once knew it has turned upside down. The news came two weeks after my husband was laid off, so we were thrown into a wild web of worries and changes all at once. I hoped that through this storm I’d be able to continue the work I love, including creating and leading a sixth annual edition of my Project Light Year course. But soon after my treatment began, it was clear I would not have the energy or focus to do so. With mounting bills, I knew this would pose an extra challenge to our family since it’s been an important source of income in my work over the years. But I also know fear never gets me anywhere good, so I asked the universe for a helping hand and trusted things would work out. 

Still, I never expected this level of kindness to show up! In November, my friend Laurel reached out to tell me about a divine download she’d received. She said she was shown a vision that she and a circle of other spiritual and creative teachers could facilitate Project Light Year on my behalf. Holy wow! The idea felt so beautiful — truly an answered prayer! Not only because of the obvious financial relief it will provide to me and my family, but because each of you can feel guided and supported through your own changes and challenges at this time. It thrills me that I can check in and offer insight along the way when I am able, but that all these beloved mentors are taking the reins to guide your journey so lovingly and intentionally. I mean, have you looked at the circle of wonder women on board for this!?

Thank you to every one of you who’s joining this lovefest — whether organizing it, contributing to it, signing up for it or sharing it with others. Please know how much your support means to me, and how much I hope this course infuses your lives with light and insight to help you address the questions, decisions and hardships you’re facing with courage, clarity and plenty of magic. 

With Love & Gratitude, 



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