Sometimes, life feels like a gurgling stream — sweet and lovely, shallow and safe.   

Sometimes, it feels like a winding river — swiftly carrying us from one place to the next. 

But sometimes? Life crashes in like a tidal wave, sucking us out to the deep, dark sea.

That’s where The Brave Heart Letters were born.


For more than a year, I’ve hung out in those raging waters after being diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer. It has upended life as I knew it, challenged my relationship with God and the angels, forced me to face my own mortality, revealed truths about sickness and healing I never got before, and has allowed me to see not only how brave and resilient I am — but how brave and resilient we all are. 

Everywhere I look, I see fellow brave hearts.

Maybe you’re coping with your own tidal waves or feeling washed up on the shore. Maybe you spend your days helping dear ones (or patient/students/clients) who are out there treading water. Maybe you’ve been anxiously noticing changing tides in your life, or maybe you’re tempted to rock the boat.


To keep showing up and staying true to yourself through any of this takes an open heart and a shit ton of courage.  


This past fall, I decided to start writing letters to brave hearts like you. Yes, I could provide a rare peek inside what it’s really like to have cancer, but that was only part of my mission. More importantly, I wanted to shine a light on brave-hearted living by coming together to honor our humanness, mend our hearts, free our minds, truly trust the universe, and discover what matters most.


Nearly a hundred women signed up to receive the original 25 letters. Each day, I threw caution to the wind, bared it all (quite literally sometimes!), hit “send” and held my breath. I didn’t know how such raw truths would be received. Did I share too much? Get too real?  


But the response to The Brave Heart Letters blew me away.

Participants kept writing to say they didn’t want them to end.

So I’ve made a decision. The Brave Heart Letters won’t end.

I’m dedicating 2020 to this raw and vulnerable truth-telling.

For the women eagerly waiting for more, and for a whole new circle of brave hearts who want to dive into the deep end with us.  



Year of the Brave Heart

For the last seven years, kindred spirits from around the world have gathered online for Project Light Year — my yearlong exploration of themes and lessons that help us honor, brighten and share our light. In 2020, you will receive letters from me throughout the year while leaning on and lifting up a private circle of fellow brave hearts.

It will be our most powerful year yet.  



DAILY 25: Beginning January 13, 2020 you’ll receive a daily Brave Heart Letter via email every weekday morning for five weeks. This is the original batch of 25 letters, with tweaks here and there depending on what’s happening in the world and in our group. 

WEEKLY 25: Starting February 18, we’ll move to weekly emails. You’ll start receiving a weekly Brave Heart Letter each Tuesday for at least 25 weeks. These will be brand new for everyone, so we’ll be diving into untold stories and deep reflections all together.

CIRCLE OF KINDREDS: You’ll be invited to join our yearlong private Facebook group — nearly a hundred Brave Heart alumni will meet you there, along with all the kindred spirits signing up now! The women here are amazing; this is a safe, sweet place to lay your burdens down as well as find and offer inspiration. 

Is this for you?

The Brave Heart Letters™ are for ANYONE who craves inspiration to keep showing up for whatever life brings. But you should know these letters might stretch you outside your comfort zone. If you hate it when I swear, if you’re squeamish, if you have set-in-stone views on spirituality, if facing your fears and feeling deeply makes you panic, then this may not be for you. OR maybe it’s precisely what you need. That’s up to you. 

I’m asking the universe to deliver a compassionate circle of women who are brave enough to closely examine their lives, explore their fears, expand their perspectives, and experience more magic. And let’s plan on plenty of belly laughs, too. If that sounds inspiring and invigorating to you, then you’re in the right place and can sign up below!

What are the letters about?


The Brave Heart Letters™ are not just about the untold details of my healing journey, but are meant to be a healing journey for all who receive them. 

Quite literally, these letters are about matters of life and death.

My experiences with cancer serve as a backdrop, for sure. But it is my deep hope that at the end of each heartfelt letter, you’ll see life and death through a new lens. Maybe you’ll have a shift in perspective, a new appreciation for your body, a new approach to supporting others, newfound clarity about your priorities, or a deeper trust in the amazing universe. 

As you can see, I’ve had a lot of different looks over the last 18 months! That first pic with the blond straight hair was taken just after my first art show in August 2018, where I showcased my first year of paintings with the angels. Yep — the angels I’ve seen since I was a little girl swooped in a couple of years ago and asked me to start painting with them. I follow their instructions and then they deliver a message with each piece. It is a pure joy and total mystery to me.

A month after that show, I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer that has rocked my world (in hard ways and great ways) and the lives of my hubby and two boys. I am happy to report I am in remission after 16 rounds of chemo, a double mastectomy, removal of 17 lymph nodes, 28 rounds of radiation, and so many complications it’s an ongoing joke between me and my doctors. (FYI: laughter really IS the best medicine!)

Still, I’m not out of the woods — with new symptoms, surgeries, scans and much healing to do, a lot of my work is still on hold. I have not done client calls in a year, and many days I don’t even have the energy to paint. But writing allows me to go at my own pace, share what’s on my heart, and do so during pockets of time when I feel okay. I’ve had so many people ask for more details about this journey, curious what I’m learning and noticing and experiencing, that it led me to create The Brave Heart Letters™. I hope they feel like a warm embrace and open your eyes even wider to see and celebrate your own precious life, while also giving you permission to sob in the shower whenever you need to. 


Ready to dive into the deep end?

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Sometimes the tidal waves of life can create financial hardship. We will be providing several scholarships for those who feel passionate about joining The Brave Heart Letters but don’t have the resources right now to do so. If you’d like to be considered or would like to nominate someone else, please fill out the form below to describe the circumstances. Recipients will be notified via email by Friday, January 10th.

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