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Dear Brave Heart,

There are less than TWO MONTHS left in this entire decade. Can you believe it!? It’s normal to fret about how quickly time is passing, how behind we are on the ol’ bucket list, how different we thought life would look by now. Ticking clocks and unexpected detours have a way of making us all feel like we’re running behind. But flirting with death has crystallized for me that a well-lived life is not about all that we’ve done but about who we’ve been brave enough to become. Want to know what I mean?


A little over a year ago, my life was crazy-busy — a beautiful mess of parenting our boys, painting with the angels, intuitively coaching beloved clients, and mapping out a path to some pretty big dreams.


And then, the universe sent me an invitation I couldn’t refuse. It looked a little something like this…


Welcome to Cancer Land!


You are cordially invited to experience the scariest, most sickening adventure of your life!


You’ll be joined by a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer, encounter jaw-dropping complications, and have to do your best to stay positive throughout.


Special entertainment includes your hubby losing his job and finding a new one 350 miles away. So fun! 


Also? You might die.



How could I say no to that!? Well, I couldn’t — and that’s the hardest part of being thrown into the deep end when we least expect it. One moment you’re fine and the next, you’re underwater. Facing life’s unexpected plot twists is kinda like playing a board game. We can throw a fit and quit when we draw cards we don’t like — or we can choose to keep playing, focused on moving forward at every turn. 


Let whatever cards you’re dealt show you what you’re made of.


Bravery is not about being fearless. I believe true bravery is about showing up stone-cold scared but with a wide open heart — grateful and hopeful, loving and trusting, messy and vulnerable. With this mindset, we have the capacity to remember, even in the darkest moments, that we are made of light. When we honor this, it illuminates what actually matters most — and that is a game changer. 

I have traveled other hard roads in my life, but nothing compares to what I’ve experienced and learned trekking through Cancer Land the last 14 months. So many things have changed me for good: revelations from the angels, wisdom from doctors and patients, magic and mystery at every turn. Though I’ve shared pieces of my journey on social media, there is much that I have not; details that felt too raw and revealing for public consumption. So I’ve decided to share these hard-earned, light-filled lessons in a five-week series of love letters with a private community of fellow brave hearts, all eager to become more of who they are. 


Is this for you?

The Brave Heart Letters are for ANYONE who craves inspiration to keep showing up for whatever life brings. I do want to be clear that these letters might stretch you outside your comfort zone. If you hate it when I swear, if you’re squeamish about talk of private parts and bodily fluids, if you have set-in-stone views on God or angels or spirit guides or energy, if the thought of disease or death makes you panic, then this may not be for you. OR maybe it’s precisely what you need. That’s up to you. I’m asking the universe to deliver a compassionate circle of women who are brave enough to closely examine their lives, explore their fears, expand their perspectives, and experience more magic. And I’m hoping for plenty of belly laughs, too. If that sounds inspiring and invigorating to you, you’re in the right place.  



The Brave Heart Letters™ are not just about the untold details of my healing journey, but are meant to be a healing journey for all who receive them. Quite literally, these letters are about matters of life and death. It is my deep hope that at the end of each heartfelt letter, you’ll see life and death through a new lens. Maybe you’ll have a shift in perspective, a new appreciation for your body, a new approach to supporting others, newfound clarity about your priorities, or a deeper trust in the amazing universe. We’ll get there by exploring the following themes:   



Just like you, I’ve supported beloveds facing life-altering challenges many times in my life. For a sensitive soul who’s impacted by others’ energy, holding someone’s hand through hardship can be uplifting and energizing — or unfulfilling and depleting. Being on the receiving end of so much kindness and concern has crystallized for me the best and most helpful ways to give — and accept — such support.  


How the heck does someone who talks to angels for a living end up fighting for her life? Are they even helping? Is God listening? I’ve heard these and so many other questions about spiritual support and divine intervention this past year. I can’t wait to share what I now know — and the angels seem eager to throw in their two cents, too! 🙂  


I used to think I was pretty damn clear on what I care most about, but then cancer swooped in like Marie Kondo’s evil twin, forcing me to de-clutter my life physically, emotionally, socially, professionally, energetically — and it’s been an unexpected gift. I’m excited to help you deep-clean and spark joy like your life depends on it.  


Trudging through Cancer Land has revealed to me how obsessed our culture is with winning at wellness instead of holistically embracing what feels best to each individual. The well-meaning encouragement to fight like hell, never give up, win the battle, and be a hero has often felt like so much pressure, whether I was throwing up in my purse or ringing a “victory” bell. It doesn’t just apply to cancer, but in every way we squash or mask difficult emotions and experiences — which is so counterproductive to actually getting well. 


This is the one element of The Brave Heart Letters that is specifically about breast cancer. Before my diagnosis, I had no idea just how clueless I was about the complexities and impact of this disease that touches 1 in every 8 women. There are well-kept secrets that fellow patients only discuss in depth with each other, and most media stories or product promotions don’t tell the whole story. So I’d like to reveal some unspoken truths about having breast cancer — from the spectrum of types and treatment to things well-meaning people say or do that cut us to the core. I suppose we’re probably all more comfortable not knowing these things — but I realize now it made me an ignorant patient and, for years, an inadequate supporter of others going through it. 



  • You will receive 25 lessons — an email every weekday morning for five weeks — from November 4 – December 6, 2019. (Note: If you join Nov 4th or after, you’ll receive any emails you missed on the day you sign up!) 
  • On the first day, you’ll receive instructions for joining our private Facebook group where you can connect with fellow brave hearts!  
  • There’s no online classroom, no videos or audios, no homework and no need to “keep up” with coursework.  
  • If I have to delay any emails due to health complications, The Brave Heart Letters™ timing will be extended to ensure you receive all lessons.
  • I do have some clear boundaries: no refunds after we begin, no judging — just loving — each other, and no forwarding emails to others. 
  • Watch your email! Once you sign up, you’ll receive a receipt from SendOwl (my payment processor) and a confirmation email from me. If you have Gmail, these might show up in your Promotions tab. 

As you can see, I’ve had a lot of different looks over the last year! That first pic with the blond straight hair was taken just after my first art show in August 2018, where I showcased my first year of paintings with the angels. Yep — the angels I’ve seen since I was a little girl swooped in a couple of years ago and asked me to start painting with them. I follow their instructions and then they deliver a message with each piece. It is a pure joy and total mystery to me.

A month after that show, I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer that has rocked my world (in hard ways and great ways) and the lives of my hubby and two boys. I am happy to report I am now in remission after 16 rounds of chemo, a double mastectomy, removal of 17 lymph nodes, 28 rounds of radiation, and so many complications it’s an ongoing joke between me and my doctors. (FYI: laughter really IS the best medicine)

With surgeries and tests and much healing still to do, much of my work is still on hold; many days I don’t even have the energy to paint. But writing allows me to go at my own pace, share what’s on my heart, and do so during pockets of time when I feel okay. I’ve had so many people ask for more details about this journey, curious what I’m learning and noticing and experiencing, that it led me to create The Brave Heart Letters™. I hope they feel like a warm embrace and open your eyes even wider to see and celebrate your own precious life, while also giving you permission to sob in the shower whenever you need to. 


Ready to dive into the deep end?

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