Angel Mail 2024 — 12 Month Payment Plan

$18.00 / month for 12 months

12 month payment plan for Angel Mail


Liv Lane’s ANGEL MAIL is the angels’ way of delivering angelic goodness straight to your mailbox. You’ll receive special deliveries throughout the year while bonding with an online community of kindred spirits.

Full details can be found here. In short, you will receive:

ORIGINAL ART & WORD FROM THE ANGELS: A starter mailing in January with an original 4×6 angel painting & a specific word from the angels to help guide your path in 2024.

REGULAR CARE PACKAGES: Eight additional mailings that include a letter from the angels for the group and three Angel Mail postcards featuring new angel art prints that feature a new word from the angels and a brief explanation from the angels (think of them as little nudges to focus on in the weeks ahead). You can collect these art cards across the year (you’ll have a set of 24 by the end of 2024) or send them to others. Your choice!

ONLINE COMMUNITY OF KINDREDS: An invitation into a new online community of kindred spirits. Our private Facebook group will feature consistent prompts to help you reflect, bond and gracefully navigate the road ahead with a circle of sisters who are doing the same.

INSPIRING ZOOM SESSIONS: At least three video chats hosted by Liv Lane & Michael Nelson

For the 12 month payment plan, you’ll pay your first installment today and then payments will automatically be withdrawn from one month later, and each month after that. By signing up for the payment plan, you agree that the credit card you use today will remain active and have available funds for automatic payments through 2024.

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  • Angel Mail is only available in the U.S. and Canada (please note that mailings may arrive later in Canada)
  • The cost of materials & shipping is included in your purchase price.
  • You will receive your first Angel Mail email on January 15, 2024, and your first mailing after that.