Angel Mail


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Liv Lane’s ANGEL MAIL is the angels’ way of delivering goodness straight to your mailbox for the remainder of 2023, while also making you an earthly messenger on their behalf. Here’s how it works & what you’ll receive:

ORIGINAL ART: During the first week of August 2023, you’ll receive a love-filled envelope containing a 4×6 postcard on Strathmore watercolor paper, featuring a one-of-a-kind watercolor angel sketch painting by Liv Lane on the front and a handwritten message from the angels on the back. Lighthearted and perfectly imperfect, each original angel painting & message will wind up with the person it’s meant for.

CARE PACKAGES: During the last four months of 2023, you’ll be sent an Angel Mail envelope during the first week of each month, packed with heaven-sent goodness, including a love letter for you sent from above & two printed, already-stamped postcards featuring new angel artwork & affirmations that can be sent to whomever you feel called to send them to that month.

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1 (one) original 4x6 angel sketch painting and special angel message specifically for you

    • Front of original artwork includes a handwritten title (typically one word the angels would love for you to focus on for the remainder of the year) and Liv’s signed initials
    • Back of original artwork features a brief, handwritten, one-of-a-kind message from the angels to you. It’s like getting an angel-baked fortune cookie or heaven-sent pep talk in your mailbox!
    • Protected in a cellophane sleeve and includes a signed certificate of authenticity.
    • Each painting perfectly fits a 4×6 frame but you can do anything you like with your Angel Mail artwork.

FOUR MONTHLY CARE PACKAGES: Sent to you the first week of Sept, Oct, Nov & Dec 2023

Total of 4 (four) monthly love letters from the angels

    • An in-depth message from the angels, specifically written for you & others who sign up for this special project, with gentle guidance and insights for taking good care of your heart & soul in the month ahead.

Total of 8 (eight) ALL-NEW angel postcards so you can share their light & love with others

    • Each month, you'll receive two new angel art postcards featuring prints of Liv's newest painting collaborations with the angels -- we think you're going to love them! You can keep the postcards if you choose, but the angels would love it if you feel moved to become an angelic messenger, sending them to anyone you think could use an angelic pick-me-up. So we're including postcard stamps to make it super easy to send them into the world!
    • Little bits of angel dust, seen & unseen, are included in each magical mailing, too. You'll see. :)


  • Angel Mail is only available in the U.S. and Canada (mailings may arrive later in Canada)
  • You will be charged for shipping one time with your purchase today, which helps offset the costs of sending you Angel Mail over the next five months
  • If you want to send this as a GIFT to someone, simply place a new order and put the recipient's information in the shipping address (and yours in the billing address). Please note there will not be a gift message to the recipient, so you may want to tell them in advance. :)