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This is the fifth of five 4×4 paintings the angels call Celestial Plasma. I have held on to them because I adore the energy they hold, but it feels like now is the time to let them find new homes. These small but mighty paintings can be combined and displayed together, or individually. Here is the message the angels delivered when all five were complete:

It is the glue that binds the universe and all its moving parts.
It is the organized flow of energy pulsing through the heavens and into every corner of existence.
It is the ongoing communication between chaos and calm, working in tandem to create perfect balance.
Every particle of every atom in every breath, in every breeze, in every exploding star, in every whisper of hello or goodbye is in it and made of it, all at once.
When you feel as though you are merely one small dot on the landscape of eternity, remember you are One with All That Is, and therefore as meaningful as the universe itself.

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  • Original watercolor and water-based pigment ink on 4x4 wood panel
  • Signed by Liv Lane on the back
  • You'll receive a certificate of authenticity with a printout of the angels' message