SOLD OUT — Choreography 12×12


I hope this fine art print provides comfort for those in the throes of grief over losing someone you love. As with all of my artwork, the angels guide me on every color and brush stroke in a painting and upon its completion, they delivered a message to accompany it. We worked on this painting for several days and I remember getting chills when a face seemingly appeared in the middle of the painting. The next morning, we got the call that someone we love had passed away suddenly, and I had to put the painting away for several weeks to travel and gather with family. When I finally returned to my watercolors, the angels seemed eager to finish it and deliver the following message. It brought me comfort and I hope it does for you, too.


It’s getting late; the stars are circling.
Time to come Home, precious child.
The ones you leave behind may wonder why
and how on earth you could retire at a time like this,
but it’s only because they’ve forgotten how the dance goes.
If only they could see as you do now,
eyes closed and spirit rising,
that you are cradled in a cocoon of grace
just as they are,
moving to the rhythm of Life Eternal.
One step forward, two steps back is not the way
of the benevolent universe;
it is forward, wayward, onward
and with the last glorious chord, homeward.

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  • This 12x12 giclee print has an inch-wide border and fits perfectly inside most frames with a 12x12 opening, or matted to 10x10.
  • Signed with the title and date at the bottom of the image, this artwork is expertly printed using the highest quality, acid-free paper and Epson archival inks (estimated to last without fading at least 100 years).
  • The angels' message above is included on an 8x10 Certficate of Authenticity and Sacred Messaging that accompanies your fine art print.
  • This print and certificate will be carefully wrapped and protected in a cellophane sleeve and shipped in a sturdy cardboard art mailer. Frames in photos not included.