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This fine art print gives a spellbinding glimpse at the spirit’s journey from earthly body to eternal freedom. As with all of my artwork, this painting was guided by the angels (it’s true — they guide me on every color and brush stroke) and upon its completion, they delivered the following message to accompany the piece:




Have you ever given someone you loved
permission — verbally or telepathically —
to let go when his or her body was too weak to stay?
This is an enormous gift for those fighting to hang on,
and provides the spirit
with a rush of momentum to break free,
and immeasurable relief from pain and worry.
The oceans rise to meet the sky,
the angels swoop in to lead the way,
and the spirit soars into the light.
The Great Release is among the most beautiful
and sacred transitions in all the universe.

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  • This 12x12 giclee print has an inch-wide border and fits perfectly inside most frames with a 12x12 opening, or matted to 10x10.
  • Signed with the title and date at the bottom of the image, this artwork is expertly printed using the highest quality, acid-free paper and Epson archival inks (estimated to last without fading at least 100 years).
  • The angels' message above is included on an 8x10 Certficate of Authenticity and Sacred Messaging that accompanies your fine art print.
  • This print and certificate will be carefully wrapped and protected in a cellophane sleeve and shipped in a sturdy cardboard art mailer. Frames in photos not included.