Angel Original (2018): Intersection 16×20


This was one of my first larger paintings with the angels (16×20) and I put it aside for a while because it was feeling sooo intense. Every time I looked at it, it felt like I was staring straight into a strobe light.

For the first time, the angels had me incorporate another medium — torn-up pieces of brittle, antique book pages that had been sitting in a box on my shelf for probably a decade. I have no clue why I had them (other than I used to go antiquing quite a bit), why the angels guided me to them or what book the pages were even from. The angels guided me to very intentionally tear and paste specific pieces of the pages. I was so engrossed in not hurting the fragile paper that it took a while before I even noticed a theme emerging; the words were about wealth and nature and ego and life’s meaning. I sorted through the scraps on my table to see if I could I figure out the source of the words — and finally discovered that they were from essays written by Ralph Waldo Emerson over 100 years ago. Chills. I felt like I was handling precious cargo. And the energy coming from that canvas was just overwhelming.

So I quit. It was too much. I asked the angels to work with me on something else. They agreed to, but asked that I keep this one in view, propped against the wall. Maybe I’d come back to it, they said. I doubted that!

Well. Several days later, I was working quietly at my table when “BOOM!!!” — the painting just crashed face down onto the floor. I jumped out of my seat. It was so loud, Tru squealed from the next room! My heart was racing. How did that happen? Was it Emerson?? Was it the energy of the painting?? I wasn’t sure — I just knew it was tired of sitting in the corner, unfinished. I felt really nervous, but the angels swooped in and said I had to work through the discomfort and trust the process again. Deeeep breath.

So this is what emerged. It’s called Intersection. Still gives me goosebumps but I feel so much better about it now, and grateful for the chance to push through that fear. Here is the angels’ message:

The divide between
war and peace,
abundance and scarcity,
hope and despair
is not wide and impassible,
but a quiet intersection
in the middle of everywhere.
Look both ways.
Then look all ways.
Soften your gaze on the light
that ripples through
every place
and every thing
and every person.
You cannot lose your way
when you are One with all

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  • Original painting measures 16 x 20 x inch cradled wooden panel with hanger, with sides stained brown
  • Sealed with protectant spray and signed on the back
  • Professionally packaged and shipped via UPS or hand-delivered within 25 miles of Minneapolis (no additional cost)