Angel Original (2017): Regaining Consciousness 18×24

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This original still gives me chills, three years after its creation. Before this painting began, the angels had some very specific requests. They wanted this one to be different in size and shape (the biggest I’d done!), and for the watercolor paints to be mixed with water from Lake Superior. What!? How was I supposed to do that? Well, it turned out a friend’s parents were on the shores of the Great Lake and were willing to bring some holy water home. Holy wow. And though I was nervous about painting on a much bigger canvas than usual, I decided to just trust the angels wouldn’t lead me astray or give up if I made mistakes. They sure didn’t. It was a painstaking process to paint every detail, but I love how it turned out — and am routinely moved by the message they delivered once it was finished…


How will you know you’re no longer asleep?
When everything moves in slow motion
and also at the speed of light;
When you embrace your place in the universe
only to find the universe churning within you;
When you allow the walls you’ve built to crumble
and rejoice is feeling so secure;
When drop by drop, personal truth extinguishes
age-old campfires built of lies upon lies;
When you’re magnetically pulled into bigger dreams
and can finally sleep like a baby.
This is how you know you’re wide awake.


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  • Original painting measures 16 x 20 x inch cradled wooden panel with hanger, with sides stained brown
  • Sealed with protectant spray and signed on the back
  • Professionally packaged and shipped via UPS or hand-delivered within 25 miles of Minneapolis (no additional cost)
  • PLEASE NOTE: There are slight nicks on the right top and bottom corners (see pictures). Not noticeable unless you're up close, but pricing is adjusted to reflect these imperfections.