Personalized Angel Painting: Something To Believe In


This is a one-of-a-kind, personalized Angel painting by Liv Lane, with every brush stroke and marking guided by the angels, on 8×10 archival watercolor paper. A personal letter from the angels is transcribed on the back, written especially for the recipient of this original art.

Your titled and signed painting will arrive carefully packaged in a sealed cellophane envelope with a signed certificate of authenticity. Painting will be shipped no later than December 7th, 2020.


When you enter your shipping information for your purchase, you will see a box that says Order Notes (Optional). In this box, please type the name of the person this painting is for, even if it’s for you, and one sentence about why you think this angel is meant for them. Liv doesn’t need much to tap into their energy and receive the angels’ guidance or affirmation for them. 🙂

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