Sympathy: A Mama’s Love


Whenever a friend loses her mom, generic sympathy cards just don’t convey the depths of their unique bond or the way a mother’s love lives on. So I created a new option that provides comfort when a mom crosses over, or for a milestone occasion like her birthday or the anniversary of her passing. I swear my lifelong friend Kelly, whose brave boys no longer have their amazing mama here on Earth, helped me write it from Beyond.

FRONT OF CARD READS: Nothing can diminish a mama’s love; not even being called away to live among the stars. Her voice travels to you in the whispering wind, in familiar tunes, in the bird’s sweet song. She kisses your forehead when you’re fast asleep, sprinkles stardust to light your path forward, and embraces you in loving light whenever you call her name. She is with you forevermore.

INSIDE THE CARD: Hoping in the midst of missing your dear mom, you can also feel how much she loves you still.

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