The 5-Pack: From a Fellow Cancer Warrior


This listing is for a pack of five Warrior cards. What I’ve learned since my own breast cancer diagnosis in 2018 is that you can’t truly know what a difficult diagnosis is like until you’ve been in it yourself. It is so comforting to hear from and vent with others who’ve been there (or are in the middle of it, too) — but I couldn’t find a card specifically for patient peers to send to each other, so I made one!

It acknowledges how hard it is to have your life upended, while also encouraging the recipient to believe good things are possible. I was very intentional about using the words “tame this beast” instead of “cure” or “heal” so that it is applicable to those with metastatic cancer or chronic conditions.

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  • This listing is for five (1) 5x7 premium greeting cards
  • Professionally printed on art linen paper for sturdy, rich feel and vivid color
  • Includes coordinating white envelopes
  • Packaged in a sealed cellophane envelope and shipped via USPS first-class
  • FRONT OF CARD: "From one warrior to another, I highly recommend crying, shouting, secretly Googling, loudly swearing and fully believing you can tame this beast."
  • INSIDE CARD: "Wishing you well."