SOLD OUT — We Hear You 10×13


I only printed a handful of this size back in 2017, and it’s really pretty in a 10×13 frame. This is a rich archival 10×13 signed print with the actual image measuring 8×8. This painting is a direct message from the angels, encouraging us to listen and watch for the ways they work to connect with and bless us. It was one of the very first paintings the angels guided me through and upon its completion, they delivered the following message to accompany the piece:
We commend you for embracing concepts that many once called crazy
but have allowed you to communicate with people miles away, then oceans away,
and now far beyond the earth’s atmosphere.
Innovations you now take for granted were unimaginable years ago.
With every limitation that is debunked, the universe expands.
Perhaps someday you’ll even trust, without an ounce of doubt,
that we hear you and communicate with you, as well.

Out of stock


  • This 10x13 fine art print fits perfectly inside most frames with a 8x8 opening.
  • Name and signature on the bottom of image.
  • Packaged in a cellophane sleeve with a print out of the message that the angels delivered with it.