SOLD OUT — Winds of Change

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This square fine art print offers a shot in the arm of cosmic encouragement. As with all of my artwork, the angels guide me on every color and brush stroke. After working on this one for several days, it had a deep blue sky with clouds and stars — I loved it and had no clue how I created it. But then the angels said it would soon be different. I hoped that wasn’t true; I was worried whatever they had me do would ruin it (as if angels can ruin anything!). Those first dabs of paint they had me add looked awful; I was so bummed that the sky I loved wasn’t intact anymore. I almost set it aside, but then I heard “Do you trust us?” Sigh. Yes, yes of course I did. So I took a deep breath, and little by little, this emerged. Looking back, it stuns me a little that this came forward before all the horrible hurricanes of 2017 arrived. Once it was completed, as with every painting, the angels delivered this message to accompany it…


It begins as a barely-there breeze,
brushing softly against your cheek;
a courtesy that few notice,
for they are too wrapped up in staying put
or bemoaning a well-worn rut.
Eventually, the winds kick up
and change pounds on your door;
an unexpected visitor
tasked with helping you remember
who you are and what you’re made of.
You must know that underneath its daunting costume,
there is grace and hope and God
to hold you up and offer light.

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  • This 12x12 giclee print has an inch-wide border and fits perfectly inside most frames with a 12x12 opening, or matted to 10x10.
  • Signed with the title and date at the bottom of the image, this artwork is expertly printed using the highest quality, acid-free paper and Epson archival inks (estimated to last without fading at least 100 years).
  • The angels' message above is included on an 8x10 Certficate of Authenticity and Sacred Messaging that accompanies your fine art print.
  • This print and certificate will be carefully wrapped and protected in a cellophane sleeve and shipped in a sturdy cardboard art mailer. Frames in photos not included.