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We’re all feeling raw after a year of unprecedented upheaval — from divisive politics to natural disasters, from traumatic headlines to personal challenges. And at every sharp turn, we’re urged to do something: raise our hands, use our voices, follow our hearts, form an alliance, sign a petition, pray for healing, be of service, be authentic, stay informed, tell our stories, spread the word, and be the light. 

All of that is vitally important. And yet, rather than feeling inspired, you may be feeling totally, utterly fried. 

You’re not alone. People who are sensitive and intuitive have a gift for radiating light — but can easily feel overwhelmed by negative energy. Lately, I hear healers say they’re weary, helpers say they’re burnt out, creatives say they feel stuck, and brave mamas say they’re afraid. No one’s been immune to the huge vibrational shifts and shadow work that 2017 kicked up — including me. In fact, I wasn’t even sure I had the energy to spearhead this fifth annual edition of Project Light Year.

But some deep work with Spirit revealed that this is not the time to hang up the towel. Rather, this is a critical time to gather in reverence, honoring the transformative power of The Quiet by slowing down, breathing deep, and paying attention to the wisdom within us, the magic around us and the grace that lifts us. 

The Quieting is not an ecourse.

It’s an invitation to feel whole again.

There’s nothing to master, nothing to prove and no chance of falling “behind.” When you say yes to The Quieting, you say yes to learning from your Self, reconnecting with your soul, and relaxing into a sisterhood of other kindreds.

Are you ready to come alive again?


The intention of The Quieting is to gently nudge you and hold space for you to forge a beautiful relationship with sacred stillness, even if dispiriting headlines and hardships show up. You’ll have a place to turn where you can quiet the craziness, renew your spirit and rekindle your relationship with the universe.

During our first week together (January 8-12, 2018), we dug into daily content about our process, our developing practices and practical logistics. All of that is available for review in our online classroom. Once you’ve checked that out, you’ll get to explore a new weekly theme, using an easy three-part blueprint for connection and contemplation…

1. Choosing Beauty: I’m excited to resurrect and share the inner workings of this practice, which transformed my own life eleven years ago. Every week, you’ll receive a creative prompt connected to our current theme — an invitation to be on the lookout for specific, everyday beauty. We’ll photograph, reflect on and share our findings via Instagram, resulting in a vibrant, virtual quilt of images that reveals what shows up when we’re truly present.

2. Listening In: Designed to deepen your own intuition, your trust in signs from the universe, and your connection to the Other Side, you’ll receive a simple, brief but powerful offering each week — from gentle guidance to simple practices. I will work with Spirit — the circle of angels and guides I work with — to help nurture your expanding connection to your Highest Self. These are not assignments, but invitations you can accept and try whenever you feel moved to do so.

3. Learning More: Knowledge is power — especially when it offers you opportunities to become more self-aware, self-assured and centered. If you are particularly moved by a theme we’re exploring, I have good news: every week, you’ll receive links to some of my favorite resources (from speeches to artwork), compelling findings and inspiring insights to expand your knowledge about and experience with that topic.


  • This experience is meant to enrich you, no matter how deeply you dive in. You can consistently explore all three aspects of The Quieting blueprint offered each week, or choose to just lean into one. You can open your emails weekly or find past content in our online resource library when the time feels right. Feeling “behind” is not aligned with the spirit of The Quieting; this is about trusting you’ll get what you need, when you need it.
  • You’ll learn from each other’s journeys and share your own in our private Facebook group — a soft place to land on hard days and a community that’s eager to celebrate your feel-good, aha moments.
  • The Quieting is not about going silent, but is meant to help us rise above the high-pitched, low-vibration noise that can easily distract us from inner knowing and spirited focus.
About Liv Lane

About Liv Lane

Spirit Lifter. Life Shifter.

Hi! I’m Liv and I’m so thrilled you’re thinking of joining me for the fifth edition of Project Light Year. When I first started this year-long experiment, the intention was to give women a long-term community and curriculum centered around creating more light in the world and in their lives. I never thought we’d still be circling five years later! I love my work as an intuitive adviser, author and artist, and I couldn’t do any of that without the powerful assistance of Spirit — the circle of angels and guides that have been with me since I was little. Of course, I’ll continue to collaborate with them for this edition of Project Light Year. For more about me and my journey, click here.


Give the gift of inner peace to someone you love dearly. Shortly after your purchase, you’ll be emailed a link to download and print your gift certificate, ready to wrap or tuck inside a card. You will also receive an email from us within the week, asking for the name and email address of your gift recipient, who will not receive her first email from us until The Quieting starts on January 8, 2018.

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Common Questions

When does class start + what do I need to do?

Our year together began on Monday, January 8, 2018 — but it’s super easy to sign up and get caught up. Shortly after you purchase your class pass, you’ll receive an email with full details on joining the private Facebook group and another to give you access to the online classroom. Please make sure your email server allows our emails – via info@yourinfinitepurpose.com – to get through. If you do not receive it, please check your spam folder and if you use Gmail, check the “promotions” tab. Still not there? Then please email my Happiness Manager, Jill Redmond, at info@livlane.com.

Do I have to join Facebook and/or Instagram to participate?

Facebook: There’s no requirement to be part of the private Facebook group, but it is highly encouraged. The bonding and learning that takes place through the discussions and support there are really enriching. If you’re worried about privacy, know that although your Facebook “friends” could potentially see that you’re a member of the group, they cannot see any of the content you or anyone else posts in this private space. If you don’t have a Facebook account and don’t want to engage with friends and family there, you can set up an alias Facebook profile using a nickname that does not identify you or alert real-life connections that you’ve joined. For instance, one past participant signed up using her late grandmother’s first and last name and has posted no personal details in her profile.

Instagram: Participating in the Choosing Beauty photo sharing challenge by posting your pictures to Instagram is totally optional, but will be soooo much fun and enlightening, too. If you’re concerned about privacy, you can create a private profile (we’ll show you how!).

How do I pay and is it secure?

We accept all major credit and debit cards. All payments are processed securely through SendOwl and Stripe. We never see your credit card information; that only goes to our payment processors. That’s why it’s really important to KEEP THE EMAILS you receive from SendOwl; they’ll send you one or two receipts, depending on the kind of payment you choose (one time vs monthly). If you need to change anything, you may need to refer to the unique code on your receipts. Sorry, we do not accept payments via PayPal.

Please make sure to fill in your address and email correctly so you can receive all class materials.

How does the payment plan work?

If you choose the 4 month payment plan, you’ll be charged your first payment right away, and then the next payment will be automatically withdrawn from your credit card every 30 days next 3 months. To sign up for this subscription-based payment plan, just click on the “Sign Up Now” button (see payment options) and input your contact information and credit card details. You will receive two important emails: a confirmation of payment, and a receipt with a special code you must keep in case you need to change your credit card details during the year.

In order to make this possible, we are trusting you will fulfill your end the deal. By choosing the payment plan, you agree that your monthly fee will be paid in full. This means that if your card is declined for some reason, you will remedy the situation by changing cards or adding enough money to your account to cover the automatic withdrawal.

Do you offer refunds?

You can request to cancel your participation and receive a refund before the program starts by submitting a request via email to info@livlane.com. Because you’ll gain access to the mailing list, Facebook group and online resource library as soon as the program starts, there will be no cancellations or refunds once the program begins on January 8, 2018.

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