Right now, they say we all desperately need to feel scooped up

and swaddled in a blanket of unconditional love.


We need a retreat — a soft place to land all year long

where we feel lifted, supported, guided and inspired.




I’ve seen and talked to angels all my life, and for the last 15 years they’ve guided my work as an artist, writer and mentor. We make a good team. And in my annual Project Light Year online classes, I’ve led large circles of spirited, kind-hearted women through 12-month explorations of specific life-affirming themes and angel-guided coursework.


But in 2022, they say the LAST thing we need is another class.


So this year will be different than all the others. I am honored to handle the human side of things, but the angels are calling all the shots. I will follow their lead, channel their words, and share all that they ask me to with you.



As a member of The Angel Sanctuary, you can look forward to…

40+ CHANNELED MESSAGES FROM THE ANGELS: Typically delivered on Fridays, the angels plan to pop into your inbox with loving, enlightening messages (channeled and transcribed by me) so you can soak up their goodness and guidance over the weekend. Curl up in your favorite spot, grab a mug of yumminess, and let yourself melt into the goodness the angels share.


INSPIRATION INFUSIONS: Each email you receive will also be infused with resources like stories, videos, audio meditations, art, and music to lift and shift your energy — all handpicked or inspired by the angels, including some created by gifted contributors!


LIVE ZOOM SESSIONS: We’ll gather each quarter for exclusive, in-depth conversations about what you’re experiencing, questions you have and feedback from the angels. It is so fun to connect with each other live like this, as close to in-person as we can, heart-to-heart across the miles. All Zoom sessions are also recorded.


PRIVATE ONLINE PORTAL: All shared content will also live in a password-protected area of my web site so you don’t have to dig back through your emails if you want to revisit content. You’ll also find printable guides on the angels to enhance your relationship with them.


CIRCLE OF KINDREDS: Our private Facebook group will be a gathering place for all who want to connect and support each other in a safe and spirited space, all year long. It will be a wonderfully active community where you can share whatever’s lifting you — songs, poems, stories, photos — and send light to anybody who needs it.



This program is sure to be soul balm after a wearying couple of years for us all. As you find refuge with the angels after each hard or busy week, know that with every email you receive and connection you make, the angels’ intention is to help you experience these three R’s throughout the year:


Rekindling the spark within, reclaiming your true essence, remembering the very soul of you.


Feeling energized and delighted by your life, your choices, your relationships, your well-being.


Frequently experiencing jaw-dropping, heart-expanding awe over spirited signs, messages and magic.





Come on in! The Angel Sanctuary is now open!

You can easily access previous messages from the angels via our online Private Portal and join the beautiful circle of support in our Facebook group — laughing, trusting, healing, dreaming, relaxing and just showing up as we are all year long.

Choose the door that works best for you…



The Fine Print

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Terms & Conditions
  • After purchasing your spot in The Angel Sanctuary, you will receive a confirmation email at the address you provide.
  • Liv Lane, the angels and all contributors are providing the content in Angels At Work for entertainment purposes only, and are not accredited medical, financial or business advisors. The outcomes of decisions you make based on inspiration received here are solely your responsibility.
  • All content you receive is the copyright of Liv Lane / Choosing Beauty Inc. and cannot be shared without written permission.
  • Additional questions may be sent to Happiness Manager Jill Redmond at
Payments & Refunds
  • Payments are non-refundable once the program begins on January 11, 2022.
  • Refunds: If you decide you do not want to participate in The Angel Sanctuary before it begins, please email Refunds will go directly back to the card used for payment.
  • Payment Plans: Please ensure your credit card does not expire and will maintain sufficient funds. Failure to complete payment plans will result in your removal from the course and community.

I know the last couple of years have been hard on so many people. I will be providing multiple scholarships for those who feel passionate about joining The Angel Sanctuary but don’t have the resources right now to do so. If you’d like to be considered or would like to nominate someone else, please fill out the form below to briefly describe the circumstances. Scholarship requests are due by January 8, 2022 and recipients will be notified before the program begins.

If you’d like to help fund a scholarship, please click here.

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