Please excuse the cheesy
link between
my photo and my commentary,
but I was
about an email
I received today.
It was from my
all-time favorite teacher,
Mim Kagol,
who was a wonderful mentor
for me in high school.
Having her as an
English teacher
and newspaper advisor
were pivotal experiences for me,
crystallizing my love
of writing and journalism.
She loved to read
and write herself,
and her passion
for the written word
was contagious.
In fact, many of her students
went on to be great
writers and reporters,
including New York Times
columnist Thomas Friedman.
So, as I said,
I was elated
to discover an email from Mim,
who had found my blog
through a newspaper article
and just wrote to say that
she was inspired by me.
Can you imagine!?
I had to read it a couple of times
for it to really sink in.
And, ironically, I’m now struggling
to find the words I need
to say how much this matters.
Back then, her confidence in me
gave me the confidence to fly.
What a gift
to know she saw me
spread my wings.