Among Jewish families, it is tradition to sing a Hebrew hymn called “Woman of Valor” on the Sabbath. It is a song that celebrates a woman who is courageous, compassionate, gives to others and is valued within the community. So what does this incredible woman look like? Artist Susie Lubell created this breathtaking watercolor, featuring what a Woman of Valor looks like in her mind. Can you see a bit of you in her?? I think she’s just stunning, like all of Susie’s artwork at her Mishmish Market on etsy. You can find her meaningful musings and gorgeous watercolors at her blog, which I adore, called Inner Toddler.

I’m so grateful to Susie for offering up a print of this Woman of Valor painting to give to one of you! Susie’s favorite line in the Woman of Valor hymn is “strength and honor are her clothing, she smiles at the future.” Beautiful! And that leads me to ask you, dear readers…

What is the bravest or kindest thing
you’ve done in your lifetime?
Answer me that and you could win an 8×10 print of Susie’s Woman of Valor watercolor painting!
Of course, there is no right answer in What The Wednesday!?
Just an opportunity for you all to share and inspire.

We have a winner! Marci Nafziger of New York can’t wait to hang Susie’s Woman of Valour painting in her house!
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Thanks to everyone who entered and shared such
beautiful insights.