photo by amy zellmer for savvymn

‘Tis the season to dream big. As everything and everyone slooooows down this week, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the past year and prepare – heart, mind and soul – for the next.

Are you simply wishing for a better year than last? You deserve so much better, love. Rather than waiting to “see what happens” in 2013, creating a vision board allows you to see what can happen in 2013. Start to envision what you really want out of this next year – from totally practical to seemingly preposterous! Start looking for and clipping out words and images {from magazines, catalogs, the web}. I typically place them on a poster board like the photo above, but others use sheets of paper and even frame them.

As you place the images and words on your board, take them to heart. Got a picture of a poolside cabana that makes you swoon? Close your eyes and envision how it would feel to be right there; feel the sun on your toes, the fruity drink in your hand, the comfy pool chair cushion beneath you. You don’t need to know how you’ll get there; in fact, doubts and questions muddy up the process. This is your invitation to just trust that anything you desire can happen. This is also absolutely the hardest part. We’re conditioned to think wonderful things and experiences are hard to achieve. I still fall into this trap all the time and have to remind myself of the power my thoughts and feelings have over my reality.

I know it sounds kinda woo-woo, a little pollyanna. But I’ve seen it work time and time again – for me and so many others. I usually keep my vision board in a place where I’ll often pass by it, like in my closet, so it can serve as a subtle reminder of the desires I envisioned at the start of the year. And I’m often amazed when I review it 12 months later to see the things that have made their way into my life – feelings, experiences, material things. Here’s a fun one: in 2010, I saw the words “Creative Connection” in a magazine and cut them out – thinking I’d like more creative connections with like-minded women. Well, not only did that happen in wonderful ways – but I later got an invitation to speak at the Creative Connection conference {which, it turned out, that magazine clipping had actually be promoting!}.

Do yourself a favor and spend this week envisioning a spectacular year ahead. Make it come alive in pictures. Feel it come alive within you. In this moment, anything is possible. Cheers to you and your great, big dreams!


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